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Jataka Satyachareeyam - Tamil | by C. G. Rajan/ Astrology Book

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• "Jataka Satyachareeyam" in Tamil, authored by C. G. Rajan, this astrology book is an astrology guide focusing on the principles and practices of Jyotisha (Vedic astrology).
• Immerse yourself in the cultural and linguistic richness of Tamil with "Jataka Satyachareeyam."
• The astrology book is thoughtfully crafted in Tamil, providing an authentic and resonant experience for Tamil-speaking readers interested in astrology.
• Authored by C. G. Rajan, the book benefits from the author's expertise in the field of astrology. Readers can anticipate a well-informed guide that explores the intricacies of Jyotisha, offering insights into horoscope interpretation and predictions.
• As an astrology book, "Jataka Satyachareeyam" delves into the fundamental principles of Jyotisha.
• This Tamil astrology book includes the study of planetary positions, houses, zodiac signs, and the interpretation of a natal chart (Jataka) to gain insights into an individual's life and destiny.
• Embark on a journey into the realm of astrology with "Jataka Satyachareeyam" in Tamil, authored by C. G. Rajan.
• Whether you are a novice curious about the principles of Jyotisha or an astrology enthusiast looking for practical insights, this book promises to be a valuable guide in unraveling the mysteries of Vedic astrology within the context of Tamil language and culture.