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Jamukkalam - 150 x 225 Inches | Carpet/ Jamakkalam for Home

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SKU 313623
Width Height Weight

225 in

150 in

1.675 kg

• The magnificent selection of Jamakkalam carpets, ideal for elevating the style and coziness of your house.
• These exquisite manually woven floor coverings from India are works of art that infuse any living area with color, warmth, and a hint of cultural history.
• Each Jamakkalam carpet is expertly crafted by artisans utilizing age-old methods, and it has distinctive designs and brilliant hues that go well with a variety of interior design types.
• These carpets, which are made of premium cotton, are soft and pleasant to walk on, long-lasting, and low maintenance, which makes them perfect for high-traffic areas of your house like the dining room, living room, or hallway.
• You can find the ideal Jamakkalam design to suit your aesthetic preferences thanks to its diverse choice of patterns, which includes bright, colorful motifs and sophisticated geometric patterns.
• These carpets will wow whether you're seeking to make a statement in your doorway, add a pop of color to your living room, or design a comfortable corner in your bedroom.
• When you buy a Jamakkalam carpet, you're bringing home a piece of cultural legacy that exhibits superb craftsmanship and eternal beauty, not merely a decorative accent for your home.
• With the beauty and refinement of our Jamakkalam collection, you can transform your home and enjoy the ideal fusion of traditional and modern design.