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Irumudi Rope | Cotton Rope for Pooja

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• "Irumudi Rope" is a traditional rope used in the sacred pilgrimage of Sabarimala, a prominent Hindu pilgrimage site in Kerala, India.
• The term "Irumudi" refers to a two-compartment bag carried by devotees during their journey to Sabarimala.
• The Irumudi pilgrimage to Sabarimala is an important and sacred tradition for devotees of Lord Ayyappan.
• The rope is used to secure the Irumudi bag. It is typically tied around the bag and then worn over the shoulders, allowing the devotee to carry the offerings and belongings throughout the pilgrimage.
• The Irumudi bag is an essential part of the Sabarimala pilgrimage. Devotees fill the Irumudi bag with offerings, including coconuts, ghee, camphor, rice, and other items.
• Once the bag is filled with offerings, it is tied to the two ends of the Irumudi Rope. Devotees wear the rope around their waist, with the Irumudi bag resting against their back and chest. The rope holds the bag securely in place during the pilgrimage.