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Iris Tealights Unscented - 100 Pcs | Multi Purpose Unscented Tealights

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Whether it's a regular day or a holiday season, the IRIS Tealights will add some sparkle to your interior. Unlike conventional wax candles, these are easy to use and do not spill any wax when placed on a surface. The unique tealights not only brighten your interiors but also prevent smoke from entering the room.

To prevent them from floating to the top of the molten wax, the wicks of the IRIS Unscented Tealights are attached to a metal rod. By doing this, the wick is prevented from burning out before the wax.
Our smokeless tealight candles are functionally made to be dripless and fit for any occasion.
Because of our deep respect for the environment and commitment to planet friendliness, we are an organization that has earned certification as being carbon neutral. In order to provide our clients peace of mind regarding their safety, we also make sure that our products adhere to the criteria set by the International Fragrance Association and the Generally Recognized as Safe program.
products that are entirely original.

Tealights without scent.
Practically Drip-free.


Living area
Dining area