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Iris Lavender Vaporizer Oil - 15 Ml | De-Stress, Calming

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Create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with the IRIS Lavender Vaporizer Oil. Your body feels calmed and relaxed by the rich floral and herbaceous scent. After a demanding workday, it is the ideal fragrance companion.

Heat is the foundation for vaporizer operation. If using an electric vaporizer, plug it in or set a lit tealight candle at the base of the jar after adding a few drops of fragrance oil to the half-filled ceramic vaporizer's top. The water and oil mixture produces aromatic steam that softly wafts throughout the space as it heats up. Re-add the same amount of the aforementioned mixture to revive the scent once the oil and water mixture has evaporated.

Because of our profound regard for the environment and commitment to planet friendliness, we are an organization that has earned certification as being carbon neutral. In order to provide our clients peace of mind regarding their safety, we also make sure that our products adhere to the criteria set by the International Fragrance Association and the Generally Recognized as Safe program.

Products that are entirely original.
Aroma of flowers and herbs.
Refillable container.


Study room /Home office
Living room
Dining room