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Idhu Oru Udayam

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‘Idhu Oru Udayam,’ a novel by renowned Tamil author Ramani Chandran, includes a complex narrative structure in addition to a wealth of fascinating details including case words, action twists and humor. Even though the author writes so many books in the same genre, romance, she successfully makes each one distinct. From the very first word to the very last, the author captures the reader's interest, and this book is a true fan's joy, filled with a cast of fascinating characters who vie with one another in demanding attention.

Of the 178 novels that Ramani Chandran has written, most were serialized in magazines such as Aval Vikatan and Kumudam before being released as books by Arunodhayam. As Ramani Chandran is well known for her vivid characterizations, suspenseful narratives and intriguing plots, readers can expect a pleasant romance novel with a dash of mystery and drama.