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Hut Lamp - 7 x 3.5 Inches | Handmade Terracotta Clay Diya/ Hand Painted Deep for Home

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Rs. 350.00
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SKU 650714
Width Height Depth Material Weight

3.5 in

7 in

3.75 in

Terracotta Clay

0.49 kg

• The timeless charm of traditional workmanship inherent in Hut Dhoom's Terracotta Clay Handmade Diya may transform your living area.
• It is Carefully crafted from premium terracotta clay, each diya radiates both cultural beauty and rustic charm.
• Each elaborately designed and hand-painted Terracotta Clay Diya narrates a tale of skill and attention to detail from the artist.
• These Hut Dhoom provide a cozy and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for decorating your home for festive occasions or lighting up solitary periods of contemplation.
• Rich earthy tones found in terracotta lend a natural mood to your surroundings, fostering a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
• These diya lamps are not just ornamental highlights but also useful elements that add beauty to any place because of their sturdy construction and great design.
• With the, Painted Deep for Home flickering light of these handcrafted gems, you can bring the enchantment of long-gone customs back to life in your house.
• With Hut Dhoom's Terracotta Clay Diya, you may add a touch of cultural heritage to your décor and let tradition's glow fill your house.
• With Terracotta Clay Diyas, you may embrace the rich cultural legacy of India."
• Hut Dhoom offers a gorgeous Terracotta Clay Diya that is carved and painted to bring a little bit of traditional charm into your house.
• Because each Diya is crafted with care using premium terracotta clay, authenticity and durability are guaranteed.
• These exquisitely crafted diyas are ideal for filling your home with light during celebratory events or fostering a calm atmosphere for daily peace.