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Horse Statue - 8 x 5 Inches | Terracotta Clay Horse Idol for Home

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Rs. 500.00
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SKU 65074
Width Height Depth Material Weight

5 in

8 in

1.75 in

Terracotta Clay

0.525 kg

• The classic beauty of our Terracotta Clay Horse Idol, an alluring representation of power and grace.
• This magnificent clay statue, which was crafted with attention to detail, emanates a sense of majesty and tranquillity that will elevate any area in your house.
• The horse figurine's finely detailed features each showcase the artist's commitment to encapsulating the essence of horse beauty.
• The terracotta Clay Horse Idol has a sensation of lifelike vitality because every curve and contour, from the flowing mane to the muscular musculature, is depicted with accuracy.
• This horse statue makes a bold statement whether it is exhibited alone or as part of a carefully chosen collection.
• The horse figurine elicits admiration and sparks discussions.
• Its rustic terracotta color gives any decor a sense of coziness and charm.
• The horse is revered in many civilizations all over the world as a symbol of endurance, strength, and independence.
• Our clay horse idol, a representation of power and dignity, is a moving reminder of the unbreakable relationship that exists between people and these amazing animals.
• The Terracotta Clay Horse Idol for Home tribute to the everlasting beauty of nature's most noble creations as well as the enduring appeal of artisan craftsmanship.