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Horse Statue Set - 10 Inches | Aluminium Material/ Horse Sculpture/ Horse Idol for Home/ 1.160 Kgs Approx

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Rs. 4,200.00
Rs. 4,200.00 - Rs. 4,200.00
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SKU 5076153
Width Height Weight

8 in

10 in

1.16 kg

• The Aluminium horse statue represents success and power. It also stands for toughness and endurance.
• Display a gold plated horse statue facing south to become well-known or facing north to increase your chances of having a prosperous career.
• This horse figurine resembles a leaping horse and represents advancement in one's career.
• A horse sculpture is advantageous for the family's financial wellbeing.
• It is also regarded as beneficial for prosperity and happiness.
• Feng Shui Aluminium horse sculpture stand for quickness, tenacity, loyalty, strength, and success.
• Horses also represent energy, which motivates people to keep moving forward in life.
• According to vastu methodology, handicrafts showpieces placed in the drawing, living room, or bedroom bring health, peace, and happiness to the residents of the home.