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Pa. Raghavan's ""Hitler"" presents a thought-provoking examination of the life and legacy of Adolf Hitler, offering readers a nuanced understanding of the man behind the dictator. Raghavan's insightful analysis challenges conventional narratives, prompting readers to question the complexities of history and the forces that shape human destiny.

Adolf Hitler proved that a single man can threaten the world and change the history of the world. After all, Hitler lived and died very contemporary to us. Yet, he has lived an extraordinary life beyond our imagination. Hitler was the one who started World War II by cutting the ribbon. Before opening his eyes, he rolled up Europe and put it in his pocket. Hitler was the one who easily passed the height of brutality. He killed people like cockroaches. On his orders, the Nazi forces killed a total of eleven million people in various ways. Six million Jews alone were killed. It is a great sadness that cannot be described in words. Pa. Raghavan has recorded the shocking life history of Hitler in this book with the same pressure.