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Hibiscus Shikakai Powder - 100 Gms | Hibiscus Powder/ Seeyakai Powder for Hair

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• Hibiscus Shikakai Powder is an easy and all-natural hair care product.
• The goodness of hibiscus flowers and shikakai, both long valued in ancient Indian hair care rituals, come together in this unique combination.
• The "flower of hair care," hibiscus, is rich in alpha hydroxy acids, amino acids, and vitamins A and C. 
• These nutrients strengthen roots, encourage hair growth, and fight off premature graying. Because of its natural cellulose content, the hair is conditioned and becomes smoother and easier to handle. 
• Derived from the Acacia concinna shrub, shikakai powder is a mild cleanser that leaves hair with its natural oils healthy. 
• It keeps the scalp healthy, keeps dandruff at a distance, and gives the hair more shine.
• These components come together to create a strong hibiscus powder that works well as a herbal hair mask or shampoo.
•  Regular application supports the regeneration of lifeless hair, strengthens the roots to prevent hair loss, and stimulates hair follicles for better development. 
• Additionally, the powder functions as a natural detangler, which reduces breakage and split ends and improves combing.
• Apply the hibiscus powder gently on wet hair by mixing it with water or aloe vera gel to make a paste. After leaving it on for ten to fifteen minutes, give it a thorough water rinse.
•  Frequent application keeps of this shikakai powder the scalp healthy and improves hair volume and texture, resulting in longer-lasting, more colorful hair.
• With no harsh chemicals like those found in industry procedures, Hibiscus Shikakai Powder is a natural hair care solution that uses the power of nature to provide deep healthy and efficient washing.