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Heroes From The Mahabharata

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Heroes from the Mahabharata is a fascinating five-book compilation of Mahabharata myths and fables. Millions of people worldwide are still motivated by the selfless heroes of the Mahabharata, regardless of their color, religion, or other differences. Numerous stories are included in this book under the headings Bheeshma, Drona, Tales of Arjuna, Karna, and Abhimanyu. Because they capture the most profound human emotions—emotions that are universal in every way—the characters have endured the test of time. They elicit fearlessness, courage, passion, jealousy, pride, cowardice, and hatred in addition to love and desire. This has only made it more magnificent, and the epic is rightfully referred to as the greatest story ever told. The vices and virtues of man have transcended to be greater than life in this poetry consisting of one lakh verses. After defeating their cousins the Kauravas, the Pandavas do indeed win the Kurukshetra War.