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Hayagriva Yantra - 3 x 3 Inches | Sanskrit/ Hayagreevar Yantra/ Copper Yantra for Home

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• The Copper Hayagriva Yantra is a sacred geometric design engraved or imprinted on copper, representing the divine energies associated with Lord Hayagriva, a deity revered in Hinduism for knowledge, wisdom, and learning.
• The Copper Hayagriva Yantra is printed in Sanskrit, a powerful sacred symbol etched or imprinted onto copper, symbolizing the divine presence and blessings of Lord Hayagriva, often associated with knowledge and intelligence.
• The Yantram is a geometrical representation and sacred symbol associated with Lord Hayagriva, symbolizing wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence.
• Crafted from copper, a metal revered for its conductive properties, the Yantram is believed to magnify the deity's energy and blessings.
• Used in Hindu rituals and meditation, the Pooja Yantra is believed to hold the divine vibrations and energies of Lord Hayagriva.
• Lord Hayagriva is venerated as the bestower of knowledge, and the puja Yantra is often used to seek blessings for academic success, wisdom, and understanding.
• Devotees believe that the presence of the Hayagriva Yantra aids in enhancing one's intellectual capabilities and promoting learning.
• The Pooja Yantra is used in spiritual practices, meditations, or placed in homes and study areas to invoke the deity's blessings for education and intellect.
• The Copper Hayagriva Yantra is revered for its association with Lord Hayagriva and is utilized as a spiritual tool for seeking knowledge, wisdom, and intellectual growth through the divine energies attributed to this deity.