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Hastham - 1.5 x 1 Inches | Deity Jewellery/ Stone Hastham for Deity

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1 in

1.5 in

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• Experience the classic style of Stone Hastham, a line of finely crafted Goddess jewellery that includes hand settings with elaborate designs.
• The hands set represents the protection, wealth, and blessings associated with the Goddess, embodying her heavenly grace and strength.
• Fine metals and stones are used to create jewellery by Stone Hastham, which exhibits exquisite craftsmanship attention to detail.
• Specifically, the hands set represents several facets of the Goddess, including her caring demeanor, sage advice, and compassionate disposition.
• Wearing the Stone Hastham captivating pieces to embrace your inner goddess and channel the energy of the divine.
• Stone Hastham jewellery offers something genuinely unique, whether you're looking for personal empowerment, spiritual enlightenment, or just to dress up your outfit.
• Every hands set piece is made to enhance your sense of style and boost your mood, making it ideal for both special events and everyday use.
• Take a look at our selection and get lost in the captivating world of Stone Hastham Goddess jewellery.