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Harivamsam 3 vol Set - Tamil

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The 16,374 shlokas in the Harivamsa, a significant piece of Sanskrit literature, are primarily written in the anustubh metre. Traditionally attributed to Vyasa, the literature is also known as the Harivamsa Purana and is thought to be an addition or supplement to the Mahabharata.

Split into two parvas (books) and 12,000 verses, which are included in the eighteen parvas of the Mahabharata, the Harivamsa comprises 5,965 verses and three parvas in the Critical Edition namely the 55-chapter Harivamsa parva, the 81-chapter Vishnu parva, and the 135-chapter Bhaviṣya parva.

The fabled history of the rulers of the Solar and Lunar dynasties preceding Krishna's birth is recounted in the Adi Parva of Harivamsa, along with the creation of the universe. Krishna's life story is told by Vishnu Parva, starting from the events that happened before the Mahabharata. The third book, Bhavishya Parva, describes the Kali Yuga, has two more creation ideas, and hymns to Shiva and Vishnu.