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Hanuman Sanjeevi Giri Clay Golu Bommai Set - 15 x 9 Inches | Giri Golu Doll/ Navaratri Golu Bomma/Gombe/Bommai

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• The Sanjeevigiri Golu doll Set is unique in that it depicts scenes from the story of Lord Hanuman lifting the Sanjeevi Hill on his hand to protect Rama's brother Lakshmana.
• One popular golu bommai set for the Golu display is the "Sanjeevigiri Malai" set, which features dolls of Lord Rama, Lakshmanan, Hanuman, and Sanjeevigiri Malai.
• Golu is a South Indian festival celebrated during the Hindu festival of Navaratri, featuring a set of steps decorated with Bommais dolls of various shapes and sizes. The Golu doll is not just a sight to behold; it's a storyteller too. It narrates tales of tradition and spirituality.
• The Sanjeevigir Malai Golu bommai Set is a way of celebrating the power and protection of Lord Hanuman, as well as the importance of nature and the environment.
• The story of Sanjeevigiri Hanuman is deeply rooted in the ancient Hindu epic, the Ramayana. According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, waged a war against the demon king Ravana to rescue his wife, Sita, who had been abducted by Ravana. In the course of the battle, Rama's younger brother, Lakshmana, was severely wounded by an arrow.
• The only way to save Lakshmana's life was to bring a magical herb called Sanjeevani from the Himalayas. Lord Hanuman, known for his incredible strength and devotion, volunteered to fetch the herb. Hanuman took a gigantic leap from the battlefield in Sri Lanka towards the Himalayas, searching for the Sanjeevani herb. However, he faced a dilemma upon reaching the Himalayas because he couldn't identify the exact herb amidst the vast array of plants and herbs present there. Hanuman devised a plan. He uprooted the entire Sanjeevigiri Hill, which contained the Sanjeevani herb, and carried it back to Rama and Lakshmana in Lanka.
• The story of Sanjeevigiri Hanuman not only highlights Hanuman's physical prowess but also emphasises his deep devotion towards Lord Rama. The tale of Sanjeevigiri Hanuman continues to inspire and uplift people, teaching them the values of devotion, courage, and selfless service.
• Sanjeevi Hills set is a traditional Kolu bommai crafted with clay.
• Decorate your Kolu Padi with this unique collection of Golu bommai for this Navarathri from Giri.
• This Dassara dolls is an ideal present for festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, and housewarmings.
• This set stands apart from usual golu doll sets because it is painted in vivid, rich colors with a different composition and definition. "