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Hand Cymbals - 1.5 x 6 Inches | Chapla Kattai/ Hand Splash Cymbal

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• "Chapala Kattai," also known simply as "Chapala," is a traditional percussion instrument originating from the Indian subcontinent.
• It is a handheld wooden clapper or clapperboard used as a rhythm instrument in various musical and dance performances.
• Chapla Kattai is typically crafted from wood. It consists of two flat, rectangular wooden pieces connected by a flexible hinge.
• One piece serves as the base or handle, while the other is the clapper.
• This instrument is primarily used to provide rhythmic accompaniment to various forms of music and dance.
• This hand cymbals produces a distinct clapping sound when the two wooden pieces are struck together.
• Chapla Kattai (hand cymbals) holds cultural significance and is often used in classical Indian music and dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and more. It helps in maintaining the beat and rhythm of the performance.
• In addition to its role in the performing arts, chapla kattai is also used in some temple rituals and ceremonies. It adds an element of rhythm and percussion to religious proceedings.
• Due to its compact and portable design, Chapla Kattai is easy to carry and can be used in various settings, including stage performances, music classes, and religious gatherings.
• This hand splash cymbal is often used in combination with other traditional instruments like the mridangam, tabla, or cymbals to create a layered and harmonious musical experience.
• Chapala Kattai (hand splash cymbal), with its rhythmic capabilities, plays an important role in enhancing the auditory and visual aspects of cultural performances.
• It is not only an instrument but also a cultural symbol, adding depth and resonance to the rich tapestry of Indian music and dance traditions.