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Hair Rakodi - 5.5 x 3.25 Inches | Half Ring Hair Rakodi/ Hair Accessory for Deity

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3.25 in

5.5 in

1 in


0.05 kg

• A customary hairpiece used in Hindu religious rites and rituals, the Hair Rakodi Half Ring is made especially for embellishing deities.
• The Hair Accessory for Deity which is made with superb craftsmanship and minute details, gives the deity's appearance a hint of refinement and heavenly charm.
• The Hair Rakodi Half Ring is long-lasting and made of premium materials, such as metal alloys, so it will look beautiful and survive the test of time for many years to come.
• Its half-ring shape makes it simple to connect to the deity's hair, giving a snug fit that won't hurt or harm the hair.
• India's rich artistic traditions and cultural legacy are reflected in the Hair Rakodi Half Ring's elaborate patterns and embellishments.
• Every Hair Rakodi Half Ring is expertly crafted by artists who take great pride in their work, producing a genuinely one-of-a-kind and exquisite accessory.
• A touch of majesty and reverence is added to the divine presence by the Hair Rakodi Half Ring, whether it is utilized in large temple ceremonies or quiet home worship.
• Because of its adaptability, it may be utilized with a wide range of deities and in a variety of religious settings, making it a treasured addition to any hallowed area.
• The Hair Rakodi Half Ring is a great option for devotees who want to improve their worship sessions or who want to give loved ones a thoughtful present.
• The Hair Accessory bring this devotional and spiritual sign home to dress your deity with dignity and respect.