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Hair Bun - 3 Inches | Hair Ring/ Hair Accessory/ Black Hair Bun for Deity

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SKU 72508039
Width Height Weight

3 in

0.5 in

0.009 kg

• With our lovely Hair Bun Ring, you can accentuate the beauty of your deity's jewellery even further.
• The Hair Bun Ring is ideal for a variety of religious rites and celebrations, as it guarantees the beauty and security of your deity's hairstyle.
• We created our Hair Bun Ring with ease of use and adaptability in mind.
• Whether you are getting your god ready for a celebration, a particular event, or regular devotion, this hair accessory add-on offers a smooth way to improve the appearance.
•The hair bun made with lightweight design and strong construction, the ring holds up well to frequent use.
• Its timeless black hue goes well with a variety of formal attire and hair accessories, making it a useful addition to your wardrobe.
• The exquisitely crafted Hair Bun Ring not only gives a touch of sophistication but also securely binds hair.
• If one wants to keep their deity looking classy and conventional, this is a must-have hair accessory.
• With this Black Hair Bun Ring, you may embrace the divine elegance that is the ideal combination of beauty and usefulness for your beloved deities.