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Hair Arch - 6.5 x 7 Inches | Malli Design Artificial Flower Arch/ Hair Accessory for Deity

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SKU 3063103
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7 in

6.5 in

0.04 kg

• Presenting the magnificent Malli Hair accessory, a divine combination of tradition and beauty created to adorn the worshipped deities with unmatched splendor. This beautiful deity jewellery, carefully created from a variety of vivid faux flowers, is a representation of regard and dedication.
• The Malli Hair accessory Arch's exquisite design elevates the divine presence of deity sculptures, making it an ideal decoration. A sense of celestial beauty is evoked by the careful placement of each petal and the careful choice of each hue.
• This divine ornament transcends mere decoration, embodying the sacred essence of deity jewellery. Its intricate design and vibrant colors symbolize purity, devotion, and prosperity, making it a fitting tribute to the divine.
• The Malli Hair Accessory stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance of deity adornments. Its intricate details and vibrant hues are a reflection of the devotion and reverence with which it is crafted.
• With the Malli Hair Arch, you may add a touch of celestial beauty to your deity's dwelling. It is an enduring declaration of faith and a masterwork of artistry and dedication.
• This diety jewellery has artificial flowers that have been expertly produced and have a striking visual appeal, closely mimicking real flowers with minute attention to detail, as opposed to genuine ones, they never fade, making them a classic option for all religious occasions. They also don't require ongoing upkeep.
• This Hair Accessory is perfect for rites and rituals. It adds a sense of majesty to every appearance and goes perfectly with deity garb. It radiates ageless grace and respect, whether it is worn on a goddess's mane or used to accentuate a deity's regal presence.
• This Hair Accessory is the pinnacle of god jewellery; it is a symbol of devotion and divine beauty. Enhance the appearance of your god with this exquisite piece of jewellery, which bears witness to the eternal beauty of God.