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Hair Arch - 5 x 6 Inches | Stone Arch/ Hair Accessory/ Multicolour Stone Jewellery for Deity

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6 in

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• Our exquisite Stone Arch Hair Accessory is a divine addition to any deity's ensemble. Made from durable stone, this hair arch is designed to adorn the locks of celestial beings with grace and grandeur. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, symbolizing the eternal nature of the divine.
• Our Stone Arch Hair Accessory is a work of art, carefully created and flawlessly polished. It is adorned with multicolored stones that give off a bewitching feel that reflects the exquisite beauty it adorns. The gorgeous item is more than just decoration; it is a representation of respect and love.
• Stone arch accessories are designed to enhance the deity's aesthetic appeal, adding elegance and splendor to their divine form. 
• During puja, placing a hair arch on the deity's idol or image is believed to invoke blessings and divine grace. Hair arch accessories are also symbolic adornments in deity worship, representing beauty and divine grace.
• The Stone Arch Hair Accessory is perfect for rites and rituals. It adds a sense of majesty to every appearance and goes perfectly with deity garb. This item radiates ageless grace and respect, whether it is worn on a goddess's mane or used to accentuate a deity's regal presence.
• The Stone Arch Hair Accessory is the pinnacle of god jewellery; it is a symbol of devotion and divine beauty. Enhance the appearance of your god with this exquisite piece of jewellery, which bears witness to the eternal beauty of God.