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Gundu Thali | Gundu Mangalsutra/ Gold Polish Mangalyam Thali for Deity

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• Elegant and traditional, the Gundu Thali is a stunning piece of Jewellery. It captures the eternal beauty of Indian culture and heritage, having been crafted.
• The exquisite Gold Polish Mangal Sutra, a representation of marital bliss and dedication, sits at the center of everything.
• This mangalsutra (thaali), which is typically worn with yellow thread, is known as Thirumangalyam.
• The Mangalyam thali is can be used for various deity idols, including Goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga, saraswati, Meenakshi and so on.
• In Hindu culture, the mangal sutra holds great significance as a sacred symbol of marital union and devotion. It is traditionally worn by married women as a mark of their marital status and represents the bond between husband and wife.
• During Varalakshmi Puja and Navaratri, Goddess Amman was worshipped with hindu mangal sutras thalis.
• This elaborate gold plated mangal sutra reflects the sparkle of a loving partnership with its brilliant stones and beautiful Themes.
• Apart from its visual allure, the Gundu Thali er fulfills a holy function. Its holy presence enhances spiritual rituals and ceremonies, serving as a piece of Jewellery for Deity.
• For individuals who appreciate heritage and fine craftsmanship, the gold plated mangal sutra is a treasure that can be inherited by future generations or worn as part of a bridal set. It is evidence of the everlasting history of Indian jewelry creation, where each priceless detail combines meaning with beauty.
• The Gundu Thali is more than just a piece of jewelry thanks to its classic style and cultural importance; it is a celebration of love, faith, and tradition that will be cherished for years to come.
• This mangalsutra (thaali) is specially used during the Thirukalyanam festival of Gods and Goddesses.