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Gum Benzoin - Loban Sambrani - Natural Resin - 50 Gms | Guggal/ Dhoop for Pooja

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• For generations, people have valued gum benzoin, a valuable natural resin that comes from Southeast Asian Styrax plants, for its aromatic and medicinal qualities. 
• This resinous material, which is also referred to as loban or sambrani in various societies, is widely used in perfumery, incense, and traditional medicine. 
• It possesses a warm, rich aroma with undertones of vanilla.
• Gum benzoin appears as a brittle, golden-brown resin when it is first extracted from the bark of Styrax trees with care. 
• After being harvested, the resin is carefully clarified and solidified to create little fragrance lumps or tears that, when burned or melted, release a delightful scent.
• Throughout Asia and the Middle East, benzoin has been widely valued for its spiritual and medicinal benefits. 
• It is used extensively in religious rites and ceremonies as a sambrani because of its air-purifying qualities. 
• Aromatherapy is one of its therapeutic purposes, as a loban this helps encourage relaxation and relieve respiratory diseases.
• Benzoin resin serves as a fixative in perfumery to extend the life and complexity of scents. 
• Its sweet, balsamic aroma harmonizes well with other aromatic components, giving many exquisite perfumes a welcoming base note.
• Gum benzoin is still prized globally for its many uses and continuing appeal as a premium natural resin, regardless of whether it has been used in incense, perfumes, or for medicinal reasons.