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GT Vedanta Mini Cup Sambrani 20Pcs

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• Vedanta Mini Cup Sambrani, a traditional and aromatic offering for your puja rituals.
• Vedanta Sambrani dhoop cup Carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients to provide a rich and soothing fragrance during your puja ceremonies.
• Sambrani, also known as benzoin resin, has been used for centuries in Indian rituals for its purifying and spiritual properties.
• Each mini cup contains a small quantity of Sambrani resin, which is ignited to release a fragrant smoke.
• As the smoke wafts through the air, it creates a serene and sacred ambiance, inviting positive energy and divine blessings into your space.
• The Computer cups are convenient to use, as they can be placed directly on a heat-resistant surface or in a specialized sambrani holder.
• Simply light the edge of the cup and let the resin smolder, filling your space with its enchanting aroma.
• The Vedanta Mini Cup Sambrani dhoop is perfect for daily or occasional puja rituals, meditation sessions, or simply to create a calming atmosphere in your home.
• It can be used in temples, prayer rooms, or any sacred space where you seek tranquility and spiritual connection.
• Experience the ancient art of aromatherapy and elevate your puja rituals with the soothing fragrance of our Vedanta Mini Cup Sambrani. Let its divine aroma transport you to a state of peace, serenity, and heightened spirituality.