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GT Kum Kum Instant Sambrani 18Pcs

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•Divine Fragrance: GT Kum Kum Instant Sambrani cones release a divine and captivating aroma that combines floral, woody, and resinous notes. Each cone is infused with the essence of sacred herbs and resins, creating an ambiance of purity and serenity.

•Premium Quality: Crafted with care and precision, these Sambrani cones are made from high-quality natural ingredients, including aromatic resins, herbs, and essential oils. The use of premium ingredients ensures a rich and authentic fragrance experience.

•Instant Lighting: These Sambrani cones are designed for instant use, allowing you to easily create a sacred atmosphere in your home or place of worship. Simply light the tip of the cone, and within moments, the fragrant smoke will begin to fill the air, uplifting your spirits and calming your mind.

•Convenient Packaging: GT Kum Kum Instant Sambrani cones are conveniently packaged for easy storage and access. Each cone is individually wrapped, ensuring freshness and preserving the potency of the fragrance until ready for use.

•Versatile Usage: Whether used for daily rituals, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, or simply to create a serene ambiance at home, these Sambrani cones offer versatility in their application. They can be used in various settings and occasions to enhance the spiritual experience.

•Long-Lasting Fragrance: Each Sambrani cone is formulated to burn slowly and evenly, releasing its fragrance gradually and filling your space with its delightful aroma for an extended period.