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GT Gold Instant Sambrani 15 Pcs

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Sambrani, commonly referred to as benzoin resin, is a fragrant resin that may be extracted from the bark of Styrax species trees. It is frequently burned as incense at religious ceremonies, rituals, and in homes for its pleasant scent in India and other regions of South Asia due to its fragrant characteristics. Sambrani is a type of incense that is burned using a censer or specialised incense burner with a small charcoal disc or hot metal plate. The GT Gold instant Sambrani resin is then scattered on the heated surface, frequently in the shape of tiny lumps or grains. The resin emits aromatic smoke with a distinct and relaxing aroma as it heats up.
Benefits and Features
• GT Gold instant Sambrani is frequently used in Hindu temples and during religious rituals like aarti (devotional offerings), yagnas (fire rituals), and puja (worship).
• The perfumed smoke is thought to connect people to the divine, cleanse the air, and create a sacred atmosphere.
• The devotees believe that evil spirits will be chased away by the smoke.
• Puja rituals involve the use of aromatic sambranis.
• This decimal's smoke has the ability to treat illnesses affecting a number of the body's internal organs.
• This GT Gold instant Sambrani's natural aroma is also useful to refresh the mind during meditation.