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GT Flower Pot Cup Sambrani 10Pcs

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GT Flower Pot Cup Sambrani is made from the resin of a tree that is dried, powdered and burnt. It gives out a fragrant smoke which when inhaled has good effects. Sambrani is different from incense sticks in fragrance, shape, size & use. It is also used in temples during poojas.
Benefits & Features:
* GT Flower Pot Cup Sambrani imparts benefits to body, mind and soul. GT cup Sambrani is known to improve concentration that can help us while studying, doing meditation and it also prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, and reduces anxiety and tension.
* GT Cup Sambrani are known to purify bad air and create a more positive and encouraging environment.
* GT Sambrani burn firmly and deliver soothing fragrances for calmness and create a peaceful ambiance in our home or wherever they are used.
* GT Cup Sambrani are widely used for various religious and spiritual purposes.
* GT Flower Sambrani burning has always been a part of Hindu rituals, and it is regarded as a symbol of worshipping your deity.
* GT Flower Sambrani is always lit during our prayers and rituals and is great for puja use. Ignited sambrani in the room alleviates stress and elevates your mood. Its fresh fragrance gives focus, calmness to the mind while inhaling.
*Sambrani It is also known as benzoin resin in English, loban in Hindi, and Tamil name is Sambrani.