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Green Peas Gardening | Vegetables | Pisum Sativum

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Period/Seasonal Colour: Bright green colour
Height: 20? – 6'
Where To Plant: Get peas in the ground as soon as possible in early spring. Wait to plant until soil is dry enough that it doesn’t clump and stick to garden tools. Space plants 5 inches apart.
When To Plant: Peas can be direct sown outdoors from March to June once the soil has warmed to about 10C (50F). Using cloches will help the earliest crops to germinate.
How To Plant: sow seeds directly into moist soil or seed raising mix 2-3cm (1in) deep.Seedlings will germinate in a few days, thin out the healthiest of them 6 inches apart. Water well until the plants establish.
Added Benefits: Weight Loss: Peas are a low fat and a low calorie Stomach, Cancer, Immunity, Anti-Aging, Wrinkles and Osteoporosis.
Tips: seed in the row, allowing the seeds to fall as they may, some even touching. Cover with an inch of soil in the spring; two inches in the summer for your fall crop. Don't thin the pea plants when they germinate.