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Green Gram Powder - 100 Gms | Green Gram Flour/ Organic Powder

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• Green Gram Powder is a multipurpose substance that has been used for many purposes, including skincare products. 
• This green gram flour, which is fine and pale yellow in color, is made from mashed up chickpeas and has long been used in Indian traditional beauty procedures.
• Green gram powder is famous for its gentle scrubbing qualities in skincare products.
• Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as minerals like iron and potassium, green gram powder nourishes the skin while promoting a healthy glow. 
• Its grainy nature helps in pore cleaning and the removal of dead skin cells, giving the face a smoother, more radiant appearance. 
• Because of its capacity to absorb excess oil without drying out the skin, it is frequently used as a base for face pack and scrubs powder.
• This makes it excellent for all skin types, particularly sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Step 1: Mix gram flour with water and make it as a paste
Step 2: Apply this to your face and neck
Step 3: Wash it off before it dries completely

• Green gram flour is useful in hair care routines in addition to skin care routines. It can create a cleansing paste that helps strengthen the roots and wash the scalp when combined with water or other ingredients.
• Organic powder can be used as a natural substitute for body wash or soap in shower powder.
• This Organic powder effectively removes dirt and pollutants from the skin while leaving it feeling soft and refreshed because to its scrubbing and cleansing qualities.
• The bath powder can be used to make a paste that is applied to the body and then rinsed off during showers by combining it with milk or water.
• In conclusion, green gram powder represents ancient beauty traditions in modern times and stands out for its natural, gentle effectiveness in washing, cleansing, and caring the skin and hair, whether used in facial skincare routines or as a shower powder.