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Thirumangalyam Pipe - 0.5 Inch | Thali Mangalsutra/ Gold Polish Nanakuzha for Deity

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• In South India, married women traditionally wear nanakuzha, also referred to as a thirumangalyam pipe. The Thirumangalyam Pipe is an essential component of the Thirumangalyam, or Mangalsutra, a sacred necklace or thread that the bride receives from her husband at the wedding ritual.
• A minuscule, cylindrical pendant termed the Nanakuzha is composed of gold or gold-plated metal. Thali mangalsutra Pipe frequently has splendid decorations and can have images of deities with special meaning, such as Lord Krishna or Goddess Lakshmi. The Thirumangalyam Pipe is worn around the neck by being strung onto a gold or yellow thread.
• Thali mangalsutra Pipes are extremely significant in both culture and tradition. Nanakuzha is frequently handed down through the generations and is seen as an integral component of a Hindu woman's clothing. A cultural legacy can be preserved and honoured by wearing nanakuzha.
• According to popular belief, Nanakuzha offers the wearer's marriage spiritual protection. Thirumangalyam Pipes are revered as a sacred thread that protects the union of the pair and provides peace and happiness throughout their union.
• Nanakuzha is frequently blessed by priests or practised during religious rituals, imbuing it with heavenly force. Wearing Nanakuzha is thought to enlist the help of the Gods and enlist their blessings, counsel, and support for a happy and prosperous marriage.
• To enhance convenience for all the users, Giri is exclusively merchandising this unique gold-polished nanakuzha/thirumangalyam pipe at nearby Giri's stores as well as on Giri's website.
• It's vital to keep in mind that while mangalsutra accessories have cultural and symbolic importance, the advantages listed above are based on conventional wisdom and customs. Wearing a Nanakuzha or Thirumangalyam Pipe could have different meanings and connotations for different people and cultures.