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Kumkum Box | Brass Kumkum Bharani/ Double Sindoor Pot/ Kumkum Holder for Pooja

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A small decorative box or container used to store kumkum or vermilion powder is referred to as a "kumkum box," "kumkum dibbi," or "kumkum bharani." Turmeric and other natural components are used to make the crimson powder known as kumkum. It is frequently utilised in religious rites, festivals, and auspicious occasions and has considerable cultural and theological significance in Hindu traditions. Exclusively for the devotees, Giri is merchandising a unique double kumkum box which is made up of brass.
Attain the benefits of Kumkum Box:
• A kumkum box is primarily used to store and preserve kumkum powder. A red dot, bindi, or tilaka is applied to the forehead with kumkum, which is revered and thought to represent auspiciousness, purity, and the divine.
• The brass kumkum box is physically pleasing and beautiful, perfect for offering the holy substance as a representation of the respective deity's blessings.
• A small amount of kumkum powder is put on the forehead during religious rituals or ceremonies, typically with the ring finger or the thumb. This action is seen as auspicious and a means of obtaining the favours of the gods. As a mark of respect and honour, kumkum from this gold plated kumkum box may also be offered to idols, deities, or visitors.
• This brass Kumkum box can be shown in homes, temples, or puja halls and are thought of as ornamental objects. They give the environment a dash of class and mysticism. Kumkum boxes are also well-liked presents for weddings, festivals, and other auspicious events as they represent blessings, prosperity, and wellbeing.
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