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Gopuram Kumkum Red Small Containers No.10 20Pcs

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• The kumkum/ Kungumam/vermillion/sindoor are made from natural ingredients and the finest turmeric. This divine Kumkumam (kungumam) powder has a distinct aroma.
• Many temples and pooja rooms have this kumkum (sindoor) as a symbol of Lakshmi Kataksha, prosperity, and Hindu rituals and poojas.
• Kumkum (kungumam) is revered in Hindu culture for its purity, divinity, and auspicious aura it lends to all rituals.
• Our sastras recommend that we apply Kumkum (sindoor) for health, devotion, and spiritual bliss.
• Our sindoor won't be itchy, as it contains no chemicals and is purely from original turmeric powder.
• A woman's soul energy (Atmashakti) is awakened when she applies kumkum (vermillion).
• The spot on the forehead between the eyebrows where the kumkum is applied is a very important nerve point in the body.
• It is known as the ajna chakra or pineal gland, also known as the intuition centre.
• When kumkum (vermillion) is applied, the point on the mid-brow region is pressed, which activates the energy point.
• Applying Kumkum (kungumam) opens the channel of intuition and preserves energy.
• It also helps in improving concentration and improving blood supply to the face muscles."