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Gomti Chakra Nabi Shell - 11 Pcs | Gomati Chakra/ Sudarshan Chakra for Lakshmi Pooja

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• Presenting the ethereal charm of Gomti Chakra Nabi Shells, a manifestation of spiritual energy and age-old custom. These precious shells, which are crafted from the holy Gomati River in India, are prized for their disc-shaped appearance with a unique pattern on them, which is evocative of Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra.
• Beautiful Gomti Chakra pendants and Gomti Chakra lockets can be handmade using these shells to retain their inherent beauty and spiritual importance. These Gomti Chakra pendants will be, adorned with elaborate patterns and decorations, and are strong amulets that are thought to bestow wealth, harmony, and protection upon the bearer. Found in India's famous Gomti River, this remarkable and mysterious shell is considered as a gift from the gods.
• Gomti Chakra Nabi Shells have a rich mythological and folkloric background, and they are highly valued in Vedic rituals and spiritual pursuits. They are prized possessions for those pursuing spiritual enlightenment due to their capacity to repel evil energy and draw in good vibrations.
• Every Gomti Chakra Nabi Shell conveys the ancient wisdom and blessings of the divine, whether it is worn as a necklace near the heart or hung as a protective amulet in the home, you can elevate your spiritual path and invite the favorable energies of the cosmos.
• Overall, Gomati Chakra shells hold significant spiritual and cultural importance in Hinduism, and they are revered for their association with prosperity and divine blessings.