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Gomti Chakra Bracelet - 3 Inches | Gomati Chakra Bracelet for Men & Women

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Benefits of Wearing a Gomti Chakra Bracelet:
• The Gomti Chakra was discovered in the Gomti River.
• Possesses prosperity and happiness for the wearer in their personal and professional lives, as well as good health, which averts harm and brings about good.
• The energy is palpable when you're wearing a natural gomati chakra bracelet in Red Adjustable Thread.
• This gomati chakra bracelet is one of a kind, handcrafted, and decorated with the gomati chakras.
• The shell bracelet is made with spiritually flexible thread.
• Prosperity, money, and abundance are enhanced by wearing this God Luck bracelet.
• Gomti refers to Gomati, which alludes to the stream where it was discovered, and "Chakra" suggests a conflict.
• It is also referred to as cow's eye shell and cat's eye shell. Additionally, gomer chakra is used as a gem component.
• This shell bracelet helps with prosperity, wealth, and abundance.
• Good health, protection from evil effects, and bringing positive energy.