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Pooja Basket | Gold Silver Basket/ Basket for Home Decor

Original price Rs. 80.00 - Original price Rs. 150.00
Original price
Rs. 80.00
Rs. 80.00 - Rs. 150.00
Current price Rs. 80.00
Design: Apple
SKU 633138
Width Height Depth Weight

7 in

1.5 in

4 in

0.035 kg

Width Height Depth Weight

8.5 in

4 in

5.25 in

0.08 kg

Depth Weight

6.5 in

0.49 kg

Elevate your table setting and bring a touch of luxury to your dining experience with our exquisite Apple-shaped Golden Silver Basket. This stunning piece seamlessly blends functionality and elegance, adding a regal charm to your home decor.


• The basket features a distinctive apple shape, making it a visually appealing and unique addition to your table setting or home decor.
• Adorned with a golden silver finish, this basket exudes opulence and sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to your dining or living space.
• Ideal for serving fruits, bread, snacks, or even as a standalone decorative piece, the Apple-shaped Basket complements a variety of occasions and settings.
• Crafted with attention to detail, the basket showcases intricate patterns and textures, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and creating a focal point in your decor.
• Beyond its functional use, this basket serves as a decorative element that elevates the overall ambiance of your home.
• Crafted from high-quality materials, the Apple-shaped Golden Silver Basket is durable and designed to withstand regular use while maintaining its elegant appearance.
• Whether for a housewarming, wedding, or special occasion, this luxurious basket makes for a thoughtful and elegant gift choice.
• Transform your dining experience and home decor with the Apple-shaped Golden Silver Basket. Its unique design, fine craftsmanship, and opulent finish make it a standout piece that adds a touch of grandeur to your living spaces.