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Gods And Goddesses Of India - English

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The most venerated god in the Hindu pantheon, Lord Vishnu, is said to have his permanent residence in water. Why? Why has he evolved into the all-knowing, all-powerful God who alone possesses the ability to take on his many incarnations in order to relieve the planet of its suffering? Why is he the only one who can defeat the greatest amount of demons? What prevented him from bestowing any blessing upon a demon, in contrast to his fellow members of the Supreme Trinity, Brahm and Why is his consort the Goddess of all riches, Lakshmi? Discover the answers to all these questions in this book, which includes the Sanskrit/Hindi scriptures and their Hindi/English translations of all the hymns, orisons, artwork, etc. that praise this deity in addition to a logical interpretation of his omnipotence.

About the Author:

Born into a well-known family, B K Chaturvedi received his education at Bangalore and Allahabad. He currently works as a freelance writer, journalist, and translator out of New Delhi. To his credit, he has written numerous novels, poems, and essays in both Hindi and English. Among these are the English translation of Kamayani, the well-known modern Hindi epic, in metered verse. He writes a lot and frequently does it for radio and television.