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Glory Of Krishna - English

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This English translation of the Srimad Bhagawata Purana is a retelling of the original work by Krishna Dwaipayana Vyaasa, also known as Veda Vyaasa, who left out the story to marvel at its profundity and beauty. An old custom known as Krishnaya Tubhyam Namah originated during the Vedic era, whence our name Namah originated. Over time, Namaskar came to be understood as salutations or prostrations.

'Agne idam Na Mama' (""O Lord Fire! this what I am offering is not mine"") is a phrase that is frequently used in Vedic rituals as the pundits sing mantras and present offerings to the sacred fire. The phrase ""na mama"" (not mine) describes the devotees' way of thinking: ""O Lord, everything belongs to you. I am giving you simply that which you already possess.” The word Na mama expresses this spirit of entire dedication, utter surrender, and ultimate selflessness.