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Giri Vinayagar Yajnopavita Set | Janeu/ Sacred Thread/ Poita/ Children Poonal for Pooja

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Celebrate this Avani Avittam with the Vinayagar Yajnopavita Poonal, a special Children's Poonal! This White Thread is worn to symbolise purity and devotion. Yajnopavita, or poonal, is a sacred thread that Brahmin men wear across their bodies. After performing certain rituals, they begin wearing it at a young age. Brahmins wearing the poonal thread do poojas by chanting mantras. Some rules are followed when you wear the Vinayagar Yajnopavita Poonal to show respect for it. To enhance the richness of Hindu tradition, Giri is exclusively merchandising silver poonul.

Attain the blessings of poonul:
• Yagnopavita (poonul) is a triple-stranded sacrificial filament joined by a knot called Brahmagranthi that is worn by those initiated into the Gayathri recital.
• Yagnopavitam means "thread of sacrifice," which symbolises the sacrifice of ego, anger, and selfishness. Poonul, the white thread, is a composition of three threads, signifying the Goddesses Gayatri (thought), Saraswati (word), and Savitri (deed), respectively.
• Young boys start wearing the Children's Poonal the day they are initiated into the Gayathri Manthra, which generally happens through a ceremony called Upanayanam.
• Wear Vinayagar Yajnopavita Poonal one by one, reciting the relevant sankalpa and Yagnopaveetham dhaarana manthra.
• For more varieties of Children's Poonal and white thread/Janeu, Visit Giri to drench yourself in tradition and culture.