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Giri USB Thevaram - 2.7 x 4 Inches | Music Card/ Sung by G. Ravi

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• Experience the divine resonance of Tamil culture through the soul-stirring melodies of G. Ravi's Thevaram songs, now available on a portable small songs pen drive.
• G. Ravi is a gifted vocalist who gained recognition for his singing of Thevaram songs as well as classical Tamil devotional music.
• Originating in ancient South India, thevaram songs form an important genre of classical Tamil devotional music.
• This pen drive with songs are a part of the Shaiva Bhakti tradition and are dedicated to Lord Shiva. 
• They were written by the esteemed saints known as the Nayanars. Richness in music, spiritual depth, and literary beauty define the Thevaram hymns.
• These hallowed melodies, which depict different facets of Lord Shiva's heavenly nature, folklore, and philosophical lessons, are expressions of profound love, devotion, and respect. 
• Thevaram songs frequently address topics such as the omnipresence of God, the path of devotion (bhakti), the importance of temples, and the quest for moksha, or spiritual freedom.
• This music pendrive is your travel companion on the road to enlightenment, whether you want to improve your spiritual practices or find solace in times of loneliness. 
• To experience the ageless melodies of Thevaram and be transported to a realm of divine peace and happiness, just plug in the music pen drive.
• This collection guarantees that the beauty and spirituality of Thevaram music are always within reach, enabling you to connect with your inner self wherever you go. 
• Savor the rich legacy of Tamil devotional music as it is skillfully conveyed to you via this USB music stick, elevating your spiritual journey.