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Giri Turmeric Kumkum Set - 30 Pcs | Thamboola Gift/ Haldi/ Kungumam/ Yellow, Red Colour

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Giri Manjal Kumkum Set contains two tiny packets filled with kumkum and turmeric. Kumkum and turmeric (haldi) have special significance in any of the pujas.
Benefits & Features of Manjal Kumkum Set:
• This special premium quality turmeric powder and kumkum combo pack is specially made for Hindus' traditional offerings. It is used as a return gift item for pooja, weddings, engagements, house warming, shashtiabdapoorthi, and other occasions and events.
• Giri Manjal Kumkum Set / Kumkum And Haldi which is user friendly and easy to carry.
• This Kumkuma is made from pure turmeric and scented with a divine fragrance. Kumkum is revered in Hindu culture for its purity, divinity, and the auspicious aura it lends to all rituals.
• Our sastras recommend that we apply Kumkum for health, devotion, and spiritual bliss. The kumkum/Kungumam/vermillion/sindoor is made from natural ingredients.
• Turmeric (manjal or haldi), one of the ashta mangala items, is a must in every ritual for development and growth (para Karyam). Turmeric powder has played an important role in Hindu spirituality.