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Giri Kasturi Manjal - 50 Gms | Haldi/ Yellow Colour/ Turmeric Powder for Pooja

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• Kasturi Turmeric powder, sometimes referred to as "Kasturi Haldi" or "Wild Turmeric, " is an Indian-born variety of turmeric that has been utilised for ages in Ayurvedic medical and cosmetic procedures.
• Due to its fragrant and antibacterial qualities, it is primarily applied externally.
• Kasturi Manjal is less bright in colour and has a gentler, less pungent flavour and perfume than ordinary turmeric.
• Kasturi Manjal is frequently used in Hindu purification rituals because it is thought to have cleansing and purifying powers that can help to get rid of bad energies and encourage the flow of good ones.
• Benefits of Kasturi turmeric powder: It is thought that the aroma of Kasturi Haldi has a protective quality that can fend off evil spirits and bad energies.
• Kasturi Manjal Offering: Because it is regarded as a sacred herb that can aid in evoking the blessings of the Gods, kasturi turmeric is frequently used as an offering in Hindu temples and during puja (worship) rituals.