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Giri Ayyappa Irumudi Pooja Set | Sabari Mala Pilgrimage Kit for Divine Purpose

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Introducing the Ayyappan Irumudi Pooja Item, a complete collection of essential items required for performing the Irumudi ritual, a significant part of the Ayyappa pilgrimage. This Ayyappan Irumudi Pooja Item set includes a variety of items that are traditionally offered during the Irumudi ceremony.
• Turmeric Powder: A sacred powder known for its auspicious properties. It is used for applying tilak on the forehead and for offering to the deity.
• Kumkum: A vibrant red powder used for adorning the forehead as a mark of auspiciousness and devotion.
• Vibhuti: Sacred ash obtained from ritual fires. It is considered a symbol of purity and spiritual energy.
• Sandal Powder: A fragrant powder made from sandalwood, used for offering a pleasant aroma to the deity.
• Dhoop: Incense sticks or cones with a unique fragrance, used for creating a sacred atmosphere during the pooja.
• Camphor: A highly aromatic substance used for the aarti ritual, where the flame is offered to the deity. It is believed to purify the surroundings and ward off negative energies.
• Agarbathi: High-quality incense sticks made from natural ingredients, known for their rich fragrance and long-lasting aroma.
• Rose Water: Pure rose water, used for sprinkling on the deity as a form of offering and to create a soothing environment.
• Puffed Rice (Poha): Symbolic of abundance and prosperity, puffed rice is offered as a sacred food item during the Irumudi ceremony.
• Diamond Sugar: Special sugar crystals shaped like diamonds, used for sweetening the offerings and symbolizing the sweetness of devotion.
• Raisins: Dried grapes that are offered as a nutritious and energizing food item during the ritual.
• Dates: Sweet and succulent dates, representing nourishment and blessings, are offered as a sacred fruit during the pooja.
• Honey: Pure and natural honey, considered a divine offering and a symbol of sweetness and purity.
• Cashew: Nutritious and delicious cashew nuts, offered as a token of abundance and prosperity.
• Jaggery: A traditional sweetener made from sugarcane juice, jaggery is offered to the deity as a symbol of sweetness and devotion.
The Ayyapa Pilgrimage Kit includes all these essential items to ensure a complete and meaningful Irumudi ritual. Embrace the spiritual significance of the Ayyappa pilgrimage with this thoughtfully curated Ayyapa Pilgrimage Kit, designed to enhance your devotion and provide a fulfilling experience.