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Giri Ujjwal Copper and Brass Cleaner - 100 Gms | Brasso Polish/ Metal Cleaner

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• Giri Brass Polish (Copper And Brass Cleaner/Brasso Metal Polish) is a specially formulated solution designed to bring back the lustrous shine to your copper and brass items.
• Over time, these metals may lose their brightness and develop tarnish due to exposure to air, moisture, and other environmental factors.
• Brass Polish (Copper And Brass Cleaner/Brasso Metal Polish) is an effective and convenient solution to restore the original brilliance of your precious metal artifacts.
• Brass Polish (Copper And Brass Cleaner/Brasso Metal Polish) is crafted to effectively remove tarnish, oxidation, and discoloration from copper and brass surfaces.
• Suitable for a variety of copper and brass items, including utensils, vessels, puja items, statues, and decorative pieces. Restore the shine to your cherished belongings.
• The liquid form allows for easy application and ensures that the cleaner reaches intricate patterns and hard-to-reach areas on your copper and brass items.
• In addition to cleaning, the formula helps protect the surfaces, creating a barrier against future tarnish and keeping your copper and brass items looking radiant for longer.
• The user-friendly design of the cleaner makes it accessible for everyone. No need for excessive scrubbing or hard polishing; the liquid does the work for you.
• Keep your puja essentials, including lamps, vessels, and other copper or brass puja items, in pristine condition with regular use of this cleaner.
• The brass cleaning liquid is crafted to preserve the authentic appearance of copper and brass, ensuring that the cleaned items maintain their original charm.
• Shake the bottle well before use to ensure even distribution of the cleaning solution.
• Apply the liquid onto the tarnished or dull areas of the copper or brass item using a soft cloth or sponge.
• Gently rub the surface in circular motions, allowing the cleaner to lift tarnish and restore shine.
• Wipe away any excess cleaner with a clean, dry cloth.
• Enjoy the convenience of a reliable cleaning solution that revitalizes your cherished possessions and brings back their original gleam