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Giri Chiraai Stick - 750 Gms | Mango Lakdi/ Pooja Stick/ Havan Wood/ Homam Stick for Puja

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• Purify your rituals and elevate your spirit with the sacred essence of Havan Mango Wood (Havan Sticks/Homam Kuchi). These Chiraai twigs, an integral part of every Homa ceremony, are also known as Havan Sticks or Homam Kuchi.
• Offer Chiraai Homam Kuchi to the divine flames: Dip them in ghee and witness the smoke uplifting the positive aura of your space. Harness the natural cleansing power of Havan Mango Wood, known to purify the air and banish negativity.
• Chiraai, a integral part of any rituals, the Havan Sticks used in oblations, sacrificed to deities during Homa, agni karya or invocation of deity in the fire. Each Homam Kuchi embodies devotion and reverence, connecting you to the divine through the ancient wisdom of fire rituals.
• Find everything for your sacred journey at Giri: Explore our vast collection of Havan Sticks pooja items, pooja samagri, and hawan samagri. From fragrant incense and vibrant dhoop to auspicious idols and traditional vessels, we have everything to create your perfect pooja space.
• Let the flames of Havan Mango Wood illuminate your path.