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Giri Betulnut - 25 Gms | Areca Nut Pcs/ Kachhe Supari Tukda/ Paaku for Festivals & Function

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Betelnut, also known by the names 'paaku' & 'areca', is famously used in India in 'paan' or 'vetrilai paaku'. In it, the betelnut is wrapped within the vetrilai (betel leaves) and sealed with lime (chunnambu). An Indian tradition to present vetrilai kotta paaku to guests on a platter along with fruit and/or something of value, before they take their leave. This tradition rose from recognising the astringent properties of Kotta Pakku / betel nut and offering it to those about to travel for the health benefits it provides.

• Giri's Meenakshi Betelnut/kali paaku pack consists of perfectly shaped paaku kottai.
• Lasts long when stored in a cold, dark place - ideally in puja rooms.
• Although slightly hard to chew, it acts as a great blood purifier when taken with caution along with Vetrilai.
• Giving and receiving Vetrilai kali Paaku is deeply rooted in tradition and ensures auspicious flow of energy within the household.
• Kotta Pakku improves concentration, alertness, appetite and overall performance when taken in regulated quantities and chewed with proper care.