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Ganesh Murti - 4 x 2.75 Inches | Black Stone Vinayagar Idol/ Ganpati Murti for Pooja

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Width Height Depth Weight

2.75 in

4 in

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• The Black Stone Vinayagar Idol is crafted with great care from soft stone and exudes a tranquil vibe, making it ideal for decorating any altar or sacred area.
• In Hindu culture, Lord Ganesha, also called Vinayagar, is highly venerated as a symbol of intelligence, prosperity, and the removal of obstacles.
• The Ganesha idol's black stone substance displays the fine features of the holy form in addition to giving it a tactile elegance.
• Vinayagar statue's every curve, line, and decoration showcases the artist's commitment to encapsulating the spirit of the god.
• Ganapati Murti sits majestically, his trunk gently curled, a symbol of wisdom and adaptation, his compassionate temperament and celestial countenance.
• With the encourage to direct souls, the noose to ensnare desires, and the modak (sweet) to symbolize the sweetness of the divine recompense, his four arms hold symbolic things.
• The Black Stone Vinayagar Idol blessing gesture with raising one hand assures followers that they will be protected and guided.
• This smooth stone Ganesha idol is perfect for prayer and meditation, encouraging followers to develop a closer relationship with the divine.
• Ganesha statue radiates spiritual tranquillity and invites followers to ask Lord Ganesha for favors in their lives, whether it is used as a decorative item or as the center of attention during rituals.