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Karnatic music is based on a system of varnas. One achieves perfection and in-depth understanding of Ragas, Swaras, Talas, and a controlled voice culture by practicing Varnas in the prescribed way. The performance of Niravalas and Kalpana swaras with flawless control over talas is the most crucial and challenging aspect of Karnatic music. Practice each varna in two kalas (Madhyama and Vilamba) at least in order to achieve success in this regard. Such practice would undoubtedly provide the necessary Voice culture, effortlessly rendering Niravals followed by Kalpana swaras.

Sri A. S. Panchapakesa Iyer has published a book on music primarily for novices, yet those at an advanced level of study will still find value in it. Before starting the varnas, the main lesson's contents are covered.

Even if some of the varnas in this have already been published in other books, it nevertheless includes all the important varnas that one has to know in order to become proficient in a concise manner. Readings make it simple to understand the clear notation.