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Nanobot Vaccum Flask | Water Bottle/ Vacuum Flask/ Vacuum Flask for Hot Water

Original price Rs. 919.00 - Original price Rs. 1,419.00
Original price
Rs. 1,419.00
Rs. 919.00 - Rs. 1,419.00
Current price Rs. 1,419.00
Design: Kryo
Size: 1000 Ml
SKU 525040542

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• The Kryo 1000 ml Flask is a high-quality, insulated container designed to keep your beverages at the desired temperature for an extended period.
• The flask has a generous capacity of 1000 ml, making it suitable for carrying a substantial amount of your favorite hot or cold beverages.
• Utilizes advanced insulation technology to keep liquids hot or cold for an extended duration. The double-wall vacuum insulation helps maintain the temperature inside the flask, ensuring your drinks stay at the desired temperature for hours.
• Equipped with a reliable and secure lid that features a leak-proof design. This is especially important to prevent spills and leaks, making the flask suitable for travel and outdoor activities.
• The flask typically has a wide mouth, allowing for easy pouring, cleaning, and adding ice cubes if desired.
• Suitable for a variety of beverages, including hot coffee, tea, soups, or cold drinks. The versatile design makes it ideal for use in different settings, such as the office, school, gym, or during outdoor adventures.
• The flask is designed to be portable and easy to carry.