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Find God Inside You - Self Realization (Brahma - Jnana) - English | by G. S. Nilakantan/ Motivation Book

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• The ultimate purpose of human life on this bhuloka, the earthly realm, is to achieve Brahma Jnana, also known as Self Realization. This entails discovering God within oneself. Failure to attain this goal leads to an endless cycle of rebirth. Self Realization cannot be attained without eradicating the vasanas, the latent tendencies accumulated by the jivatma, or the individual soul, throughout its past rebirths.
• Eliminating vasanas is only possible by living in accordance with the principles laid out in the Vedas, Upanishads, Vedanta, and Gita, among other sacred Hindu scriptures. Upon shedding these vasanas, one overcomes a, the illusion that worldly life is unreal or false.
• Successful removal of vasanas and a leads to Self Realization, the direct experience of God within one's heart. This book delves into the specific knowledge and practices required to successfully achieve Self Realization.
• The author has crafted this devotional book/spiritual book/motivational book, "Find God Inside You - Self Realization (Brahma Jnana)," to provide the highest quality materials within their capacity.
• Hinduism, like an ocean, is vast and complex, sometimes allowing for diverse interpretations of particular topics by different scholars. Consequently, varying opinions are bound to arise throughout the book.
• Therefore, while reading this devotional book/spiritual book/motivational book, readers are encouraged to employ HAMSA KSHEERA NYAYA, a concept akin to the swan's ability to consume milk while leaving water behind. In essence, readers should discern and absorb the valuable insights while disregarding any discrepancies or opposing views.
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