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Essence of Dharma (2 Vol Set) - English

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Cho penned the serial ""Engey Brahmanan"" in Thuglak once again in 1990. In 1992, Alliance published it as a book. Inspired by the overwhelming positive reception the novel received from the audience, Cho went on to adapt it into a Jaya TV teleserial. It was originally intended to consist of about 110 episodes. The serial's popularity grew to such an extent that our late Chief Minister Selvi J. Jayalalitha asked Cho to release a sequel. Once more, 110 more episodes were made in response to public demand.

""Essence of Dharma (2 Vol Set)"" by Cho Ramaswami presents readers with a comprehensive exploration of the fundamental principles of Dharma in English. Through insightful commentary and practical wisdom, Ramaswami elucidates the timeless teachings of Dharma, offering readers guidance on living a righteous and fulfilling life. Whether you're a scholar of Hindu philosophy or a seeker on the path to self-discovery, this two-volume set serves as an invaluable resource for understanding the moral and ethical principles that form the foundation of Hindu culture and civilization.

Every episode included insightful questions and insightful responses exchanged between Cho and his companion Nani. Sensing a winner, Alliance Srinivasan cleverly recorded all 220 episodes of the audio and painstakingly typed down these chats, collecting notes, and turning them into a book in Tamil called ""Anraya Vedhangal Mudhal Inraya Vyavaharangal Varai.""

Some of the questions and answers from this book were serialized as ""Dharmathin Saaram"" in Thuglak, and Vijaya Subramaniam (Cho's sister) and Rukmani Aravamudan translated the questions and answers into English.

The translation is now available through Alliance Company as ""Essence of Dharma.""